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Impotence problem is Master Li's speciality, he has gained excellent results with his treatments in this area.

According to our studies more than 80% of our patiens have recovered, which means that the treatment result is better or equal to potency medicine. It looks that if the patient has eaten too much potency medicine or have suffered for a long time from the problem it will be more difficult to cure.

The difference between Chinaclinic and other impotence treatments (potency medicine, injections...) is that we cure the problem. Impotence is mainly caused by blood being locked somewhere and because of that it cannot flow normally to the genitals.

In the impotence treatment we use Gua Sha (blood circulation treatment) and acupunction to hands and legs. The impotence treatment program includes atleast 5 times. In the final treatment we try to make the result last longer. Many of the patients feel the progress from the first time. After the treatment you will feel easier and lighter. In addition, many people feel easier to urinate. The treatment will also increase sexual willingness.

Letters from satisfied clients

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"I'm a 59 years old man. I suffered from a impotence problem for 2 years, but after the third treatment at Chinaclinic I was clearly cured and now my potence lasts as normal. Also my activity has increased. I can recommend this treatment because it's safe and painless." Helsinki, 22.12.1997

"I have been treated in Chinaclinic because of my impotence problem and the results came already after the first time. I'm a lucky guy, because making love succeed now as my early years." A.P. Helsinki, 13.3.1998

"I had a serious impotence problem. I've taken 5 treatments at the Chinaclinic. The problem has cured very much. I can make love 5-7 minutes many times a week." S.P., Helsinki, 2.7.1998

"I have taken 5 impotence treatments at Chinaclinic. Because of the treatments my erection has got much better. I can also feel the blood circulation is stronger now. Also the urination comes as a stronger shower now." E.S., Helsinki, 14.9.1998

"I have been 7 times in Chinaclinic and my impotence problem has clearly been cured. I recommend same treatment to everybody." K.T., Hki 9.1.1999 "I had been partly impotent over 10 years. Right after the first treatment I felt better. Now after the fifth treatment I feel great. Also is easier to urinate now." T.J., Helsinki, 23.10.1998

"I have been here at Chinaclinic for seven times and my potency has certainly recovered. I want to recommend this to all who have problems, you can enjoy your life." J.T., Helsinki, 9.1.1999

"I have been treated with gua sha 5 times and now I'm able to make love even half an hour." T., Helsinki, 11.1.1999

"I have been treated with gua sha 4 times by Li Huai Yuan because of impotence problem. Already after the first time my potence got clearly better. After every treatment there has been clear progress. It has also eased my fears and distress about this problem. I can sincerelly recommend the treatments." M.E., Helsinki, 20.1.1999

"I had a serious impotence problem for a long time. After the third treatment my potence got better. After the fourth treatment I realised that I had never been able to make love so well and with such a pleasure as I can do now. I absolutely want to recommend Li Yuan's treatment with all of my heart." P.J., Helsinki, 26.3.1999

"All of my adult age (20 years) I had a potence problem with a lady. After the fifth treatment I could easily have a perfect erection. Also my self confidence has grown at the same time. I can recommend this treatment to all of you with an impotence problem." A.J., Helsinki, 27.3.1999

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