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The results we have gain with our asthma treatments are excellent. You can see the results clearly right after the first treatment; with the PFA -measurer and also as a feeling of easy breath taking. 9.4.1999 we had a demonstration about asthma treatments in the Finnish TV2, Akuutti.

Many of our asthma patients have been able to stop taking their asthma medicine, and start doing sports again.

Letters from satisfied clients

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"I am very satisfied to the results of the Gua Sha treatment. My legs have been light and painless. My steps take off much easier." Seija A., Helsinki, 19.12.1996

"I have finally got rid of my crumbs, which is bottered me over 30 years. Already the first Gua Sha -treatment was helpfull. After the third treatment I didn´t have any pain at all and my periods lasted three days. I recommend this treatment to others, because it is so effective." Riitta Juntunen, Helsinki, 10.1.1997

"In the winter 1997 I got a direct order to go examined because I had so many diseases at the same time. Dr. Li gave me instructions how to breathe correctly. As early as after three massages my blood pressure had decreased under 100. I recommend Dr. Li to all Finns." Pentti Holopainen, Helsinki, 30.5.1997

"I have visited Chinaclinic for 5 times because of my headache and buzz in my ears. My neck has also been sore. Now my ears are well and headache is gone. I feel relaxed. I recommend to all, no need to eat pills!" Terttu Joukiainen, Helsinki, 10.7.1997

"I have been here five times and now my hearing is better, headache is gone, dizziness is gone, my neck and shoulders feel better, my rash is getting better, I generally feel better." Seija Vehmas, Helsinki, 26.7.1997

"Today is my final treatment. I want to thank you for the treaments that have helped me a lot. You are generous and empathic person." Seija Vehmas, Helsinki, 26.7.1997

"I have visited Chinaclinic for 4 times because of my asthma and shoulder pain. My pain is now gone and I haven't needed asthma medicine at all, not even when I do sports. I am convinced about the treatment." Eerik Koivisto, Helsinki, 4.10.1997

"I become acquainted with Gua Sha treatment to get help for my long-term neck and shoulder problems. I told Li about my asthma and we tried Gua Sha to it also. After first treatment I reduced by half my medication. After third treatment I felt like I don't need medication anymore. Now I have been a week without any medication, before I have eaten asthma medication for 26 years." Taru Leno-Nousiainen, Espoo, 24.10.1997

"I am 40 years old and I have suffered from ache in my legs caused by varicose veins. I have been here for 5 times now and I feel satisfied to the results. The treatment is easy and fast but not entirely painless." Helsinki, 14.11.1997

"I visited Dr. Li 5 times because of my menstrual pain and rigidity of my neck and shoulders. After the treatment I do not need any painkillers and I can sleep well. According to my experience, I can recommend it to all." Pirjo S., Vantaa, 22.11.1997

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