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Li Tuomas is a Gua Sha -master with over 24 years professional experience. He was born in 1952 in Manchuria, China. He graduated in 1976 from a Chinese army medical school. He came to Finland in 1991 and now is the manager of the Chinaclinic in Helsinki, Finland. Master Li has been interviewed many times by TV (TV1, TV2) and lots of Finnish newspapers and magazines (Helsingin Sanomat, Voi Hyvin, Kotilääkäri, Apu..). He has also demonstrated the Chinese treatments in public 23 times, for example in the Finnish Parlament (invited by Satu Hassi, the chairman of the Finnish Green Party) and Finnish Olympic Comittee.

Master Li's specialities are sexual dysfunctions (impotence, men & women), back and neck problems. He also treat some other problems too. Our treatments (Qi Gong, Gua-Sha ja acupuncture) are simple, safe and effective, we do not use medicines or surgeries. Qi Gong is energetic treatment and during it you feel clearly warm and magnetic feeling even Master Li is not touching you.

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Master Li in TV2 Master Li in TV1 Master Li in TV1
Master Li in TV1 Master Li as a guest to
the parliament
Master Li as a guest to
the parliament


"I have found, however, a new way to help me staying alive, a traditional Chinese treatment called Gua Sha. A bone spatula is used to treat the skin previously rubbed with herb oil. It is stronger and more efficient than massage. My neck and back have loosen up and I sleep better now. Last time Li also offered me a face treatment. He claims that the treatment will take off the wrinkles." Finnish Minister of the Environment and the chairman of the Finnish Green party Satu Hassi, from the book "Naisen Seitsemän Elämää (Seven lives of a woman)"

"I had suffered from a vertebra disk degeneration and sciatica, since September last year, when I turned to Master Li Tuomas. I wanted to try an alternative treatment before making a decision of going to a back surgery. Li Tuomas has given me Gua Sha -treatment and acupunction about 15 times. These treatments has clearly strengthen the metabolism in my back muscles and low back area, by easing the pain in the back. Now the back has cured totally. I don't need to think about a back surgery anymore." Henrik Lax, member of Parlament, chairman of law committee of the Finnish parlament, Helsinki 1.6.1998

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